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One of The ideal free game online (jeu gratuit en ligne) of most time to practice all of the skills and abilities, while facing hundreds of predators and players.

Nature At War may be easily the most complete strategy game that provides the possibility to choose between four species of pests to initiate the free online game (jeu gratuit en ligne) struggle in character.

The Largest and most powerful empire could be carried out between spiders, bees, ants and termites, within an environment where fighter and the strongest would be the victor.
The Delight of wild nature in the very best strategy game (jeu de strategie) that invites one to endure hours and hours of entertainment. The game with aspects of ecosystems and their wonders, that allows you to choose between bees, spiders, termites or rodents to form probably the most potent colony.

A Battle of personalities, while protecting themselves creates fights and their own arenas to conserve life and grow their colony.

Collecting Food is a good feat in this excellent ant game (jeu de fourmis), building that the habitat and protecting its surroundings, while defending against enemies it assesses all of its organizational, defense and attack skills.
Whilst the Game evolves it offers life incentives, defense bonuses along with defense and attack bonuses to continue with motivation.

By Picking the species in Nature In War, the player get benefits in bonus proportions as he advances through the levels, and can create his own hero. You could raise the enthusiast’s experience have the ability to get funds and hence to make your army bigger. Heroes take part in struggles to demonstrate their own power and so can enroll from the arena.

Nature At War offers a set of missions to obtain resources, increase cousins, control lands, and build not only a colony but a wonderful empire.