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As part of the new technologies that have emerged, the Bitcoin system is used to carry out operations between equals, without intervention or control by any authority or bank. Both the issuance of these assets and the transactions carried out with them are processed exclusively by the network. Although the concept of cryptocurrency is not new and others have previously appeared, Bitcoin has been the first to operate in a decentralized manner.

It is precisely its characteristic of being decentralized that distinguishes it because it does not require any institution to control its network. The system is maintained by coders who operate voluntarily and manage it via an open computer network. This factor appeals to groups of people who are not satisfied that certain government institutions or some banks have control over their money.
Hands down, Change Now is the most convenient exchange website due to its decentralized, non-custodial feature and does not ask you to create accounts or records. You have the opportunity to choose from more than 200 crypts for any crypto exchange transaction. Its operations only take approximately 3 seconds with transparency, comfort, and security.
You can not only get your earnings but also make a profit with the easy installation of widgets and buttons on your internet sites as an affiliate. Change Now has developed an innovative technology infrastructure to protect its clients against third-party interventions in its operations so that their identity remains anonymous. It’s a very modern platform achieves that the system is 100% operational, without failures for bitcoin exchange.
The great speed it can offer for your transactions is achieved through an efficient interface that allows you to buy bitcoin instantly. Change Now has also made integration to platforms such as Houbi, Binance, OKEx, and Bitfinex to make the most advantageous bitcoin rate available to its clients. For your advice on any operation or to clarify any concerns, a professional and friendly support team is available 24/7.